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Posted by Nitin Dhawan on July 7, 2009

xRM is an “anything relationship management” platform, upon which hundreds of partners,ISVs and customers already have written line-of-business apps (LOBs) using the core stack that powers Microsoft Dynamics CRM.XRM is a line-of-business (LOB) application platform for the management of any business entity.Some customers are relying on xRM to help them consolidate their applications, making them more easily customizable and manageable because they are written on top of a common, .Net-based platform. Others are using xRM to create extensions to CRM, Microsoft execs said. Some users decide to “turn off” Dynamics CRM but still use the xRM core to create and maintain other applications, they added, as part of their move to reduce use and dependency on legacy applications.XRM provides customer relationship management (CRM) applications to manage customer relationships in marketing, sales, and customer service. XRM is the same platform that underlies Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Definition C = Customer: Manage customers through the automation of marketing, sales, and service processes X = Any Business Entity: Many any business relationship through the automation of relevant business unit processes
Used by Marketing, sales, and customer service teams Any team
To Manage Customer relationships Any relationship
Automates Marketing, sales, and service processes Any business process
Tracks Interactions, activities, tasks, and 360-degree history of the customer Interactions, activities, tasks, and 360-degree history of “X”
Provides Customer-centric analytic “X”-centric analytics
Sample Solutions:
Vendor: Certification, purchasing, compliance
Employee New employee, benefits enrollment
Prospect: Resume submission, screening and scheduling
Broadcasting: Script creation, negotiation
Notifiable Disease: Outbreak tracking, testing, alert
Environmental Legislation: Enquiry, compliance reporting
Project: RFP, new project kick-off, status update
Conservation Contract: Contract selection, contract maintenance
Grant: RFG, proposal evaluation, grant tracking

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