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The Given key was not present in the dictionary.

Posted by Nitin Dhawan on December 30, 2009

In one of solution, I was facing problem with one custom entity where I was not unable to retrieve newly created attributes from a custom entity getting error [The Given key was not present in the dictionary]. However, It looks like there are few plug-ins registered on execute message for some of existing attributes. Initially, Was not sure about the logic behind these plug-ins, some where may be they are causing issue of retrieval.
To overcome this issue, I have consisder different approaches:
1.  Consisder two attributes i.e. One is old attribute & second is new which i recently created. I have written a business logic using TargetRetrieveDynamic and simple query expression. I was not getting the updated resultset but field was there in the WSDL.
2.  I have written querexpression and exposed Conditional Expressions, Filter Expressions and pass the new created attribute. I am able to get the field now in a resultset.
But, This is a not a right approach. After going some deep dive later i found it’s not a problem with the code. When ever we create a new attributes in a exiting published custom attributes having records. We need to explicitly manually anter one value in a database table. Value can be 0 but should not be null.
After inserting one entry in table my code start working. Happy Coding 🙂

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