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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Plugins Registration

Posted by Nitin Dhawan on May 11, 2015

Registering Plugins
Once we write custom plug-in or work flow activity; we need to register it using the Plug-in Registration tool. There are five different ways can register it. First three using the plugin Registration tool and other two methods by adding a registered custom plug-in or workflow activity to a solution and importing that solution or by writing custom code that uses the SDK plug-in registration classes. But the most common registration method is to use the tool. Later when you are ready to package your code for production deployment, you can make use of solutions.
The Plugin registration tool provides graphical user interface. The first operation to perform with the tool is to connect to one or more Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/Online servers. We can do this by selecting the Create New Connection button in the toolbar.
The Reload Organizations button in the toolbar refreshes the connections list and the Remove Connection button deletes the selected connection from the list.
The Remove Connection button in the toolbar close the Plugin Registration tool.
  The second step is to enter the connection information for the target Microsoft Dynamics CRM server/online in the Connection Information part of the Connections pane.
In Label, we need to put the connection name.
In a discovery URL, we need to enter the http[s]://server-name [: port].
Enter the user name and password of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM user account as appropriate for the type of server you are connecting to.

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