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Migration and Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to 2011

Posted by Nitin Dhawan on July 16, 2010

Solution Management The concept is quite powerful as it allows components to be layered on to the base system but also on top of other solutions (i.e. when there are inter-dependencies). It also provides a way to protect the intellectual property of the components in your solution and includes change management and versioning.
Plug-In Transaction Support In CRM 4.0 you could register a plug-in to run either before (pre-event) or after (post-event) the CRM platform operation. However, you were not able to run as part of the transaction itself, so you had to write your own compensation logic in the event the CRM platform operation failed. CRM 5.0 addresses this limitation, and you can now choose to register you plug-in as part of the platform operation. The CRM 5.0 plug-in registration tool has been modified to support this.
Automatic Plug-In Profiling CRM 5.0 will keep track of how a plug-in is executing, what resources it consumes, if it is causing unexpected exceptions and whether or not it is violating security constraints. If a particular plug-in fails a number of times it is automatically disabled from executing, helping to maintain system integrity.
ADO.Net Data Services and .Net RIA services support Enables an easier data access for web applications, AJAX and Silverlight
Workflow Up gradation
Workflows in CRM 4.0 will be migrated automatically to CRM 5.0 as part of the upgrade process.
Running workflow instances in CRM 4.0 will resume at the point they were stopped once the upgrade process has completed.
Custom workflow activities written for CRM 4.0 will continue to run in CRM 5.0 after migration, and will be wrapped by the new WF interop activity.
Also can replace Plug Ins by Workflow since workflows provides Pre and Post Image as wells as Input and Output parameter in Workflow Context.
Claims based Authentication and Federation CRM 5.0 will enable us to integrate transparently authentication with other applications either On-Premise or on the Cloud.
Unstructured Relationships CRM 5.0 allows you to define ad-hoc relationships between any two entities.
Team Ownership Entities in CRM 4.0 were either User Owned or Organization Owned. Now Team Owned entities are added in CRM5, and integrated into the role-based security model.
Native SharePoint Integration Integration with Windows SharePoint Services for document management, which includes site and document library provisioning, document metadata, item security, and check-in/check-out capabilities.
User friendly analytical tool which includes new dashboards.
Tighter integration with Outlook

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