Nitin Dhawan CRM Discussion


Retail Banking Case Studies

Posted by Nitin Dhawan on June 21, 2009

Banca Transilvania Bank Increases Call Centre Productivity by 30 Per Cent with Customer Relationship Solution. With the business expanding and competition growing in the local market, the company needed to improve its customers’ experience and increase business efficiency. In 2007, it decided to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system based on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. The bank now enjoys lower cost of operations, and higher customer satisfaction and retention.
MSI Customer and Data Management System Integrators is an IT solution provider that experienced 83 percent revenue growth in a four-year period. The growth, however, occurred in the absence of streamlined data and customer management capabilities, resulting in inefficiency, lost opportunities, and millions of dollars in lost revenues. To maintain its growth and capture more revenues, MSI teamed up with two Microsoft® partners—Axonom and KnowledgeDNA—to create a solution using Microsoft technologies and software developed by the partners. The solution helps manage customer relationships and thousands of documents and e-mail messages generated during a typical sales cycle. Benefits for MSI include an estimated U.S.$2.3 million return on investment and an 85 percent reduction in the time for processing bid certifications—time that can be used for interacting with customers and increasing revenues.Download
Sasfin Bank It reduces Risk, Streamlines Reporting, Ensures Compliance with New Regulation. To maintain its competitiveness against much larger institutions and prepare for compliance with major new regulations, Sasfin Bank Limited needed a faster, more accurate, and more complete way of capturing, processing, and sharing customer information. The bank deployed a solution that is based on Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, and XML integration to automate processes and enhance reporting and analysis. Download

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