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Create Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Custom Report

Posted by Nitin Dhawan on June 18, 2009

One area of challenge for Microsoft CRM is custom reporting. This article will shows you how to create new reports or modify existing reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.

MSCRM provides a set of features, such as Advanced Find, data pre-filtering, and drill-through to MSCRM that are used in report development. By using these features, your reports will be able to take advantage of the unique and powerful capabilities built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In MSCRM we can create Reports in two methods:

1. Report Wizard
All users have access to the Report Wizard to create a report for their personal  use, assuming they have  any level of access to the Report Create Privilege. The  Installation enables the Report Create Privilege  on all security roles by default.  By default, the Report Wizard creates the report as a personal   (individual   viewable) report.One can access the Report Wizard by creating a new report from the    Reports grid. In addition to creating a report, one can use the Report Wizard to  edit an existing Report  Wizard report.

2. Report Definition Language with VS 2005
One can create their own Reporting Services report from scratch by using Visual  Studio 2005. To develop   reports in VS 2005, one should need Business Intelligence  Development Studio add-in to be installed with  VS 2005.

Steps for creating custom report:

1. Develop a report concept or specification based on what business information is to be displayed.
2. Create the reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Report Wizard, which can be found in the Web       application.
3.  Define Filters as per specifications.
4. Create basic report parameters.
5. Create datasets that contain MSCRM data obtained from the filtered views. Review the report specification  and make adjustments and additions to the datasets. Enable pre-filtering on the primary tables.
6. Define the basic layout of the report including headers and footers.
7. Add report items as required based on the report specification.
8. Save and Close
9. Download the report from Report More Actions.
10. Create a Report Server Project Wizard.
11. Include the rdl to the reporting solution through Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
12. Change a Dataset Connection string.
13.If any changes required related to query then goto View Code and make the changes under Report Solution.
14.Build and Preview the Report
15.Deploy the report to the reporting server through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
16.Run the deployed report to verify its operation.

Publishing Custom Reports for non crm user

  1. Select a report from the Report View
  2. Click on Edit Report button from toolbar.
  3. Click on Action Menubar.
  4. Select Publish Report for External use and click it.
  5. After publishing report will be available outside crm.

Best Practise

  1. If the query length is more  declare the more variables of type Nvarchar max() and concatenate in the end.
  2. For multistatment queries use Temp tables
  3. Always try to update the report query from report view instead of design view.

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