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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Third Party Addins

Posted by Nitin Dhawan on June 13, 2009

Project Management/Item Tracking Its all about project management , Time tracking, task management with MS CRM 4.0.
Sharepoint Integration By using this component, a user can view his document library with in MS CRM account / customer tab.
Group Calendar By using this component a user / team manager can view activities of his team members or other teams.
Quickbook Integration In this component, an organization can achieve accounting package integration with Microsoft CRM 4.0 i.e. Account / Customer integration, Invoice Integration, Change Invoice status into MSCRM.
MAP Integration If we want to integrate map (virtual Earth , google maps or map point).
Real Estate/Property Management Following major modules of this component i.e. Property Management, Unit Management, Lease Handling, Rent / for Sale Handling, Maintenance / Inspection Management, Documents, Screen shots of the property, Autonumber, Invoice Generation, Oppertunitiy handling, Reports, Dashboards.
Ticket Management/Helpdesk Using this system (Helpdesk / Ticket Management System / Customer portal), an organization’s customer will be able to authenticate and become authorized to perform specific actions including:- Create new customer cases / tickets, View / update existing case details, View ticket history, Attach documents, update contact record.
Latest Currency Exchange Rates Mondor Software-Currency Exchange Rates Web Service (CERWS) is an XML web service which provides currency exchangerates to its clients. Rates are updated every 20 minutes. Clients may retrieve currency list (which is constant), rates for various currencies, or automatically convertone currency into another. Automatic conversion can be used to outsource the actual conversion, as this is counted as only one call to web service (see Licensing below).
SalesCentric Relationship Charts SalesCentric Relationship Charts™ for Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM will forever increase the value you achieve from CRM. When sales people have relationships with key decision makers, they sell more, and when you market to customers you know and understand, response rates improve. Relationship Charts helps you achieve both, to increase Net Profit.

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