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MSCRM 4.0 Entity Relationships

Posted by Nitin Dhawan on June 13, 2009

One-to-Many System-System (1:N) In MSCRM 4.0 you can link system entity to another system entity. The child system entity has a lookup field to associate it with a parent system entity.
Self-Referential In CRM 4.0 you can link An entity to itself. For example a Case can be linked to a master Case.
Multiple Relationships Between Entities Many of you know about mulitple lookups issues with same entity, now it can be achieved in MS CRM 4.0 e.g the Account entity might have two relationships with a Contact entity – a primary and secondary Contact.
Many-to-Many System-System, System-Custom and Custom-Custom (N:N) In MSCRM 4.0 this is major requirement for many to many relationship, now it is possible . Not only will this remove the need to build a “joining” entity, but you have control over how the relationships show up in the CRM UI.
Relationships in CRM 4.0 are quite powerful but hard to understand at first.

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