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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Accelerators

Posted by Nitin Dhawan on June 13, 2009

CRM Accelerators are a range of add-on solutions developed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 customers and partners. Each accelerator is available at no cost and will showcase how the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 platform can be configured and extended to broaden marketing, sales and service capabilities. MSCRM customers and partners are encouraged to further extend these accelerators to meet their specific business needs.
Each accelerator may consist of the following:
  • Customizations (entities, forms, views)
  • Workflow defintions
  • Business Intelligence elements such as custom reports (.RDL’s)
  • Functional code samples (strictly adhering to SDK guidelines)
  • Documentation for installing, operating, localizing and extending the solution
  • An automated installer
Overview Presentation The Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales/Marketing Overview Presentation
Technical Deep Dive Presentation The Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Deep Dive Presentation
Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Overview Web Seminars Visit the Partner Learning Center to view this 10 minute web seminar providing an overview of the Accelerators for CRM release, its purpose, components and a quick review of each Accelerator.
Extended Sales Forecasting Overview Web Seminar This 7-minute web seminar provides a functional overview of the Extended Sales Forecasting Accelerator.
Sales and Marketing, Overview FAQ Programmatic questions and answers
Technical FAQ Technical questions and answers
Each accelerator will be fully supported as per any other customization for MSCRM that follows SDK guidelines. Additionally, all samples are supplied with full source-code so they can be extended further to meet specific customer requirements. Because of MSCRM’s services-based architecture and metadata-driven application capabilities, accelerators can be deployed for both on-demand and on-premise environments. Through accelerators, customers and partners benefit from new functionality on a more frequent basis, and they can be deployed to their environment quickly and easily.
The list of accelerators are as follows:
Analytics Extends business intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM by delivering sales, service and operations dashboards.
eService A configurable self-service portal for enhanced customer service through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Event Management New functionality to plan, creates, executes, and review events.
Enterprise Search Rapidly configure portal views of CRM data within SharePoint (MOSS) and expose this data to MOSS enterprise search.
Sales Methodologies Practical Guidance for adoption of third-party sales methodologies such as SPI Solution Selling, Target Account Selling (TAS) and Miller Heiman)
Extended Sales Forecasting Enhanced sales forecasting mechanism for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
Business Productivity Newfeed It is a hub of business activity, letting users keeps up to date on events happening across the organization. The Business Productivity Newsfeed Accelerator drives user adoption by presenting CRM data to users in a way that is appealing and interactive, drawing them into the application and encouraging use.
Business Productivity Workflow Tools It provides additional workflow step actions for customers to configure their workflow processes. Each custom action provides additional capabilities around string handling, mathematical functions and HTML hyperlink creation. Once this accelerator is installed workflow designers within Microsoft Dynamics CRM have more flexibility in terms of the processes they can manage through workflows.
Business Data Auditing It provides basic audit capabilities for organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The accelerator takes a snapshot of a record whenever the relevant event occurs within the system such as Create, Update, Assign and Delete. Through workflow, auditing can be configured for any entity and any trigger event.
Sales Performance International (SPI) Solution Selling This accelerator provides advice and guidance for customers who wish to manage the SPI Solution Selling® methodology through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The accelerator provides information about the methodology and the solutions available through SPI. There are two primary options for customers; one of them is available at no cost.
Notifications The CRM notifications accelerator allows users to subscribe to the CRM “business events” that are significant to them, e.g. a salesperson is interested in new leads and opportunities assigned to them whereas a customer service representative is interested in new service cases assigned to them. Once the user has subscribed (each user manages their subscription profile) to the types of events that are important to them they can elect how they want these event notifications to be delivered.
Social Networking The Social Networking Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows business professionals to monitor and analyze customers’ conversations on social networking sites, and as a result, provides real-time status updates about their products and services. This first release of the accelerator delivers integration with Twitter; other networks will be introduced in future releases.
Portal Integration The Portal Integration Accelerator easily connects Microsoft Dynamics CRM to an organization’s Web experience. This release builds on the eService portal engine and expands to allow customers to configure and expose any CRM entity to an external facing portal.
Partner Relationship Management The Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Accelerator allows businesses to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to distribute sales leads and centrally manage sales opportunities across channel partners. It provides pre-built extensions to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales force automation functionality, including new data entities, workflow and reports. Using the PRM Accelerator, companies can jointly manage sales processes with their channel partners through a centralized Web portal, as well as extend this integration to automate additional business processes.
Customer Portal The Customer Portal accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides businesses the ability to deliver portal capabilities to their customers while tracking and managing these interactions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Customer Care The Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on delivering contact center enabling functionality, such as the ability to create a unified desktop by combining data elements from disparate line of business applications and displaying it in a single user interface.
Citizen Service Platform This accelerators built upon the Microsoft platform using SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and the Windows Live platform that can be used to help show how Local and Regional Governments can meet the needs of their Citizens.

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